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Starbucks man

A man at Starbucks today started talking to my friend and I. He told us that this was the time in our life to take chances, always go for it, and to keep our chins up. We talked for about 20 minutes as if he were some sort of prophet or something. My friend and I felt like it was a sign, a connection, a gift from a spirit who cared about our well being…advice from a stranger who seemed to know our life story but who we had never met before. You meet people for a reason. Just a man in a line at Starbucks and he happened to change my day. Thank you.

Lately I’ve been focusing on trying to be a better person and view the world in a more positive light. Good people, positive actions, and kindness fuel this…although there is bad in the world, there is still so much good we just need to take more moments to notice it.